Spadefish & Spanish Mackerel 

Spadefish and Spanish Mackerel are typically combined into the same trip given they inhabit the same areas and time periods. These fish live around structure in the nearshore areas. I chase these fish starting in April on into July or August. Typically by the late summer the larger spanish are long gone and the spadefish have been hammered by the fisherman and barracuda and become wary. An added bonus during a spadefishing trip is cobia when they are migrating through. They are very strong and delicious any way you cook them. Spadefish pound for pound are one of the strongest fish and can be awesome on light tackle. The world record spadefish is just over 14 pounds, and I have caught many in the 10 pound class off of Charleston.

Tucker Blythe

About Tucker Blythe

Captain Tucker Blythe was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. His love of fishing began at an early age learning how to fool mountain trout with a fly rod. As a teenager he began fishing the North Carolina and South Carolina coastline and found a new passion. The Salt.

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