Redfish are pursued year round. In the warmer months when a lot of bait is in the area and the water clarity is down, live baiting is the most effective tactic. Full and new moons, however, offer excellent sight fishing in the grass this time of year. As long as the water is not too hot, these fish can be fooled with flies and weedless soft plastics. They can be stalked by foot and commonly caught just feet from the angler. As the water cools the bait begins to thin out, waters begin to clear, and fish begin to gather in groups along the flats, shell bars, and in creeks.

The fall and winter fishing is mostly sight fishing and can be an exciting time to be on the water. Fish are chased mostly around either side of the low tide. In the dead of the winter it is not uncommon to run across huge schools of hungry fish. Most of the fish in the back waters and flats range from a couple of pounds up to 15 pounds. Larger fish can be targeted certain times of year around the numerous inlets along sand bars and beaches. These fish can exceed 40 pounds in weight.

Tucker Blythe

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Captain Tucker Blythe was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. His love of fishing began at an early age learning how to fool mountain trout with a fly rod. As a teenager he began fishing the North Carolina and South Carolina coastline and found a new passion. The Salt.

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