False Albacore 

For whatever reason, false albacore are among the most misidentified fish in the ocean. Also commonly called little tunny, they are frequently mistaken for bonito, albacore, tinker mackerel or other small tunas. No matter what you call them, the stamina these fish display can prove downright brutal. It has been said that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight that counts, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Nothing could better describe the albie.

False albacore have risen from the ignoble status of trash fish to that of prized game fish within a few short years, and now draw anglers from around the world to test their tackle. One thing is for sure: The increase in notoriety has nothing to do with the albie’s popularity as a food fish – they are far from palatable, by most accounts. The draw comes from the fight, and perhaps the fun of targeting them primarily by sight fishing.

Tucker Blythe

About Tucker Blythe

Captain Tucker Blythe was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. His love of fishing began at an early age learning how to fool mountain trout with a fly rod. As a teenager he began fishing the North Carolina and South Carolina coastline and found a new passion. The Salt.

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