White Pelican Above Double Reds on Fly and Artificial! Mid Size Tarpon Triple Header with Reds! Blacktip Shark Yeah I caught a fish. So what? It’s what I do son. Hey, do I have any food on my face? I don’t know what to say, I just want to thank my mom, the seaweed and this guy for all the help getting me here today. Everyone drifts, what better place to settle. That dude best not be stealing our fish. No words, just beautiful. Eye to eye nature scouts the land before it. It’s all about the green baby. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. The fog of war… looks like this guy just realized that lure was a fake. Looks like you could cast a line right up into the clouds. The bigger the beard the bigger the fish. What A Day, What A Catch Look at my human pose. Am I doing it right? Hold fast lads! This one has fire in his eyes. Come at me bro! Throwin’ up the peace sign, no hard feelings little buddy. This is my fish, there are many like it, but this one is mine. blue skies + blue shades + blue shirt = tasty fish I bet I could comb my beard with this guy. This is a fish children. I have caught it and now it is mine. Got your nose :-) That’ll do fish, that’ll do. You must play it where it lays. Tharrr She Blows How many has this helped guide home? This fish just makes me so happy… Hot. Cold. Give me a line & I’ll land that fish. Bro… take one last hit off this lure before he throws us back, I think I’m already feeling it. I went to get me a cold pop, then I thought “Lord Jesus it’s a fish!”. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Think I can play this like a guitar? Hey, mermaid or merman, if it’s on my line I’ll take it. Make room fellas, I’m gonna keep this one. You’re free, however is it because I am nice or you were not dinner worthy? Let’s Move Out! Endless opportunities… an angler’s paradise. Hey buddy, nice chompers. Not Sure Who Is More Nervous Now son, if your pole ain’t curved then nothings’ on the line. I’d Swim A Mile For A Fish & A Smile The Beard Catches All Glide my brothers, for the winds are in our favor.